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Ron: I have a concentration in “crimmigration,” an area of the law relating to foreign nationals’ or immigrants’ criminal activity.

This is going to be the New Jersey Criminal Defense Counsel’s Guide to criminal immigration, which is also known as “Crimmigration law”.

There is recent case law that indicates that a criminal defense attorney has the obligation to make sure that their clients know what the immigration consequences are. Now, that doesn’t mean that the immigration attorney has to become an expert in this field overnight. They certainly could ask a crimmigration expert to come up with a solution and I do get calls from many, many criminal defense attorneys asking for written opinions as to safe havens that their clients can plead to and the results if we can’t find a safe haven.

Crimmigration and Who

Who Is This Information For?

Interviewer: What kind of an attorney should pay attention to this book?

Ron: This book’s purpose is to help New Jersey Criminal Defense Attorneys to protect the immigration status of their foreign national client(s) and defendants who are facing criminal charges.

Why Is It Important to Know About Crimmigration?

Interviewer: Why is it so important that you’re coming out with this information NOW?

Ron: The basic problem is that nearly 40 million U.S. residents were born in another country. About 12 million of them do not have legal status and the federal government has greatly escalated the rate at which immigrants are being deported.

In 2001, the government removed 71,597 non-citizens on criminal grounds and that’s an increase of more than 36 times the number of removals in 1986. In 2005, the number of immigrants deported for criminal convictions grew to nearly 90,000 a year.

About Crimmigration


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